IDS Team

The IDS team’s aesthetic is not bound by art movements or specific time periods. The team implements Francine’s design vision which is uniquely tied to literature, travel and family. Both hers and her clients.

Francine Gardner, Principal and Creative Director

212.343.0800 x 203
Francine Gardner

Interieurs Design Studio is rooted in the experience and vision of founder Francine Gardner. Her design work is inspired by her passion for eclectic foreign travel and deep love of culture, art, literature and nature. Each project becomes a personal journey founded in Francine’s aggregate experience that is then tailored to each client’s own passions and aspirations.

Francine’s designs take their cues from the organic paths that exist both in the exotic and the everyday to promote a sense of deep serenity in the finished spaces. Her style combines the explorer’s wanderlust and a curator’s connoisseurship. These are the muses for her unique vision that has made her a leading tastemaker.

Estera P. Alvarado, Project Manager / Junior Designer

212.343.0800 x 205