Francine’s clients hail from varied industries but all are CEOs or top leaders in their field. Despite having such different occupations -- Wall Street, the Music or Entertainment Industry, Publishing, Law, Medicine or Fashion -- Francine’s clients all have unique interiors designed by Francine that reflect their own individual style.

What clients are saying about Francine Gardner and IDS:

“Francine has remodeled 3 apartments and 2 beach houses for our family, from small starter homes on a tight budget to large and more luxurious properties. Francine led architectural work (including floor plans, materials, lighting and plumbing fixtures) on 3 of the projects, and did complete design work on all five including furniture, window treatments, and accessories. The end result was always a beautiful, elegant yet relaxed home, modern yet eclectic, and always deeply personal. Francine has a great talent and unique ability to see beauty in objects and translate it into a lifestyle. She is not beholden to any particular era or style in design which so many decorators are. As a result her homes are always interesting and unique, and always driven by her client’s needs.”

“Francine Gardner is the best thing to happen to me since I started my renovation project almost two years ago. If I’d hired her from the start, she would have saved me a lot of money and stress. … Fortunately, Francine’s skill and resourcefulness are getting me out of a big mess. And—although this was not our original goal when we started working together—her compassion and honesty are helping me recover from a traumatic process. Despite the complexity of the problem I threw at her, she has also been cost-conscious! I couldn’t ask for a better combination. .. I feel I have a partner in the process who truly understands what I’m trying to achieve—AND has the skill to implement it.”

“Francine Gardner is an extraordinary talent. She was judicious with our budget and successfully pulled us through a large makeover of our home -inside and out. Her esthetic is timeless and fresh and she is a light to work with, I cannot wait until I can work with her again!”

“I chose Francine Gardner to design my very modern, architecturally distinctive apartment due to the diversity of her portfolio. Instead of seeing the same design elements in different spaces, I saw each space in the portfolio as unique. I hired her and was not disappointed. Francine understood my style and sensibility from the start, and improved on it. She literally and virtually travels the world looking for the perfect pieces. I am very happy with her work and will hire her again.”